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Anyone needing an appointment outside normal duty hours will be worked on a case-by-case basis. Please email each individual organizational box to request an appointment outside normal duty hours for special circumstances only.

Manpower & personnel

Bldg : 755, Phone: DSN 782-7704 or Comm 063-470-1844

Operation Hour   Monday-Friday: 0800-1600 Wlak-ins, 1600-1700 by appointment only
                                     US Holidays, Wing Training Day: Closed,
                                     We are able to make appointments outside of normal hours to accommodate shift workers.

Our mission is to provide quality Manpower & Personnel support to the Wolf Pack, one customer at a time.
Specifically, any airmen needing assistance with DEERS/ID cards, out-processing,  records updates, or any other personnel functions should seek out one
of the following sections of the Military Personnel Section (MPS):

Career Development
  DSN 782-3606
  Organizational Email:  8 FSS/MPS Career Development<8fss.8fssmpscareerdevelopment@us.af.mil>
  DEROS Program, Assignments, PCS Orders & Amendments, PRP *Deferred Consecutive OS Tour (COT) Leave Orders
  Formal Training, Reenlistments and Extensions, Separations and Retirements, Career Status Bonus,
   Initial Enlistment Bonus, Officer & Enlisted Promotions

Force Management
  DSN 782-4831
  Organizational Email:  8 FSS/MPS Force Management <8fss.mpsforcemanagement@us.af.mil>
  Awards and Decorations, Officer & Enlisted Evaluation, Duty Information Updates, Position Numbers, Classifications, SEI Updates,

  Unfavorable Information File (UIF), Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)
  PCS Order Amendments (Inbound Personnel), Duty Status, G-Series Orders

Customer Support
  DSN 782-7083
  Organizational Email:  8 FSS/MPS Customer Support <8fss.mps@us.af.mil>
  Base In-processing (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Base Theater from 1000-1130)
  DEERS Updates:  Marital Status, Add/Remove dependent(s) (spouse, child, ward, etc)
  Issue Common Access Cards (CAC), Dependent, Retiree, Reserve ID cards 
  Service Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Updates
  Join-Spouse Intent Code Updates
   Line of Duty Determinations (LOD)

Civilian Personnel Office
  DSN: 782-4750
  For Civilian Personnel issues/support, please call the Civilian Personnel Office

For Any Manpower & Organization issues, to include the Air Force’s Airmen Powered by Innovation program or AFSO21 processes, please call DSN 782-4020 or visit their SharePoint​.
We are here to support you, so please come on by!